Is La Galleria Handicap Accessible?

Answer: The Loft room at La Galleria and the Women’s bathroom are handicap accessible, but unfortunately the Elmwood room, Fireside Dining room and men’s bathroom are not handicap accessible.

Pricing and Payments

What are the payments for my Wedding?

An initial $1,000 deposit is required to secure your date for most weddings. The Exclusive requires a $2500 initial deposit with another $2500 six months later. These initial deposits may be made by personal check or cash and are non-refundable. They come off the end of the final bill. The final payment is due 3 days before the event and must be made by bank draft or cash. We do not accept credit cards. Many choose to make small payments throughout the months leading up to the wedding which can be by personal check or cash.

How can I book my date?

Please schedule an appointment to meet with a banquet coordinator to sign a booking agreement and leave a deposit. The initial $1,000 deposit ($2500 Exclusive) is required to secure your date. Deposits can only be made with cash or check. Booking agreements and deposits can be arranged differently for our out of town couples.

Can you hold my desired wedding date?

We would love to hold your wedding date but due to the demand for weddings at La Galleria we are unable to hold wedding dates without a deposit.

How much will my wedding cost?

Truly, it depends on what you would like to have for your day and the number of guests you have. Since every wedding is unique and customizable at La Galleria, prices may vary based on the couples’ wishes. Spending minimums apply to each room and can vary in the off season months. All spending minimums are exclusive of administrative surcharge and NYS sales tax. During your initial appointment, a banquet coordinator can give you an idea what a bill might look like.

Will the prices go up next year if I book my wedding today?

Most likely, yes. Unfortunately, our purveyors won’t lock us into future pricing as well. However, your spending minimum will not change. We do our food costs and will know by the end of January what the prices will be for that year. We try our best to only raise prices as not to jeopardize the quality of food that we are known for over forty years.

I’m on a budget, can anything be done to help?

Of course! Weddings are expensive so if you have a budget that you would like to be respectful of please let us know. Often to reduce costs you can consider an off-season date in the months of November, January, February or March and/ or consider getting married on a Friday or Sunday. We can also make some package substitutions to reduce costs.

Wedding Day

Which areas of the property will I have access to on the day of?

Couples have access to the room that they have booked, lobby, main outside pergola area and the patio/garden areas directly connected to the booked venue space. If the bride and groom are getting married on site, the bridal room will also be opened for the evening. However, couples whom have booked the Exclusive Wedding Package have access to the entire estate!

Will there be a Banquet Coordinator on site the day of the event?

Yes, absolutely! A banquet coordinator will be on site until dinner and dessert have been served and will check in with the bride and groom prior to leaving for the evening. In addition to the banquet coordinator, each event has a lead server, lead bartender, and head chef to help coordinate the event throughout the evening.


What are the limits on decorations?

We love decorations and La Galleria welcomes all different styles and themes of weddings! We do ask that there is no confetti or glitter on the tables and only one real enclosed candle per table. You are more than welcome to add extra ambiance by using LED lights. Any decoration that causes harm to the architecture and décor of La Galleria is not permitted.

When can I set up for my event?

We will coordinate with you about event set up as your day gets closer.

What linens and table settings are included?

White tablecloths and colored linen napkins are included along with the necessary table settings like plates, water glasses, silverware, coffee cups and saucers.


Are there food tastings?

We offer tastings if you are choosing our Premium Sit Down, Elite Sit Down or Tuscan Dream Package. The tasting is for the Bridal Couple with two items to sample.

Can I bring my own caterer?

No, you cannot bring your own caterer. We make all of the food served here, in house.

If I have guest with Dietary Restrictions what is offered for them?

If you have a guest with a dietary restriction like gluten free, vegan or vegetarian, we can most definitely accommodate them. ‘Restrictions Apply’ may be for certain food issues.


What is the history of La Galleria?

La Galleria opened its doors on March 27, 1976 as a Northern Italian restaurant. Over the years, this family-owned and operated business has evolved from a local fine dining restaurant to a 400 seat venue that can accommodate events of most any size.

Can I use my own vendors?

Yes. We are happy to offer recommendations but it is ultimately your choice.

Is there a bridal room?

Yes, there is a bridal room complete with a couch, closet, large mirror and table.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed outdoors and are welcome to be a part of an outdoor ceremony. Unless a dog is a service dog they are not allowed indoors.

What happens if there are two events?

It is a possibility that there are two functions at the same time. However, each room has its own bar, kitchen, chef, staff and outside ceremony areas.

What is the maximum number of guests you can accommodate?

La Galleria can accommodate up to 400 guests at one time. The Loft holds a maximum of 250 guests and the Elmwood Room seats up to 150 guests.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes, most certainly! 15 tons to be exact!

Is La Galleria wheelchair accessible?

The Loft room is wheelchair accessible and the ladies room is wheelchair is accessible. The Elmwood Room is up two steps from the lobby.

Is there enough parking?

There is plenty of parking for us to be at full capacity with two events.

Is there a chart or a floorplan?

Yes. As you get further along in your planning La Galleria provides you with a floor plan of the room to assist you in finalizing your seating chart.

Who am I working with?

You will be working with our team of Banquet Coordinators: Cherie, Julianne, Gabriella and Jill.

What time will my event end?

Events typical end between 11 p.m. and 12 p.m. but the timing does depend on how you set up your package and when your four hours of bar ends. The music and bar must end at the same time.

What is the timeframe for the day of my wedding?

If your wedding ceremony is at La Galleria, a typical timeframe is listed below.
5:30 p.m. Ceremony
6 – 7 p.m. Cocktail Hour
7 p.m. Introductions, Cake cutting, speeches, and Dinner Begins
8 – 11 p.m. or 8:30 – 11:30 p.m. (Your choice) Bar re-opens and Dancing Begins
(This is approximate and can be adjusted with the approval of one of the Banquet Coordinators).